TV Guesting and Appearances


Here is a compilation of TV Guesting and Appearances that The Sentimental Groove as a group or its members have participated in. The Sentimental Groove has always been a keen on making improvements in our craft as a team and as individuals.

It has been a crucial mark of every members of the team to learn and discover themselves as they go further as an artist under our wings. We have moved and changed lives because we made it clear to our team, and to every member, that The Sentimental Groove is a journey of understanding our craft, living our art, and, finding the stage before an awaiting audience.

For some of our members, it has been their dream to be featured or seen in TV. Well, what could be the ultimate goal of any artist? Yes, be popular and appreciated. And, guesting or appearances in TV or Film is a big factor or stepping-stone to achieve that. For our other some, being in TV is just another medium to be heard on what they are passionate with. Because TV is still TV. The largest media exposure you could ever have.

In lieu, here are some of our TV interviews, guesting and other appearances such as joining contest and other similar to such.

Enjoy Watching!!!

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