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The Sentimental Groove is a gathering of storytellers who uses different art forms as medium to communicate their thoughts, opinions and ideas. Each member carries the same crest of passion in discovery, innovation, invention and creation; which are expressed to the variety of media forms that each has chosen separately. With this memento, the journey as a Sentimental Groove leads to entwine life’s various genre and repertoire with the intimate understanding of the arts and its essence.

“To face awaiting audiences with the belief that the world is a stage and each performance or presentation is the reflection of one’s opinions, thoughts and ideas.”

In lieu, this website is a journal of each adventures while moving forward to each and every undertakings and goals.

We thank you for visiting this website and hopefully this website helps you know more about The Sentimental Groove, understand their culture and determine their relevance to your endeavors, requirements and necessaries.



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This is our NEWSLetter. A tabulation of our experiences, thoughts and ideas. Know what’s happening at the latest with The Sentimental Groove.


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Music & Entertainment


TSG CollageThe Sentimental Groove started as a Talent Agency for Artist and Musicians. Close to two decades of existence, The Sentimental Groove evolved to accommodate a large pool of artists and musicians; thus, find the proper avenue to showcase their skills, talent and craft.

The Sentimental Groove Music and Entertainment has contributed massively to the stature and success of The Sentimental Groove over its long and colorful career.

Now, The Sentimental Groove has ventured to other businesses connected to their major thing. Through this, The Sentimental Groove obtained new partnerships and affiliations worldwide.

Check out the The Sentimental Groove Music and Entertainment services that were hone over the years:

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Lights & Sound



Illumination Technical Support and Systems is a company spearheaded by The Sentimental Groove. This company is initially created to provide the Sound System requirements of The Sentimental Groove. Since The Sentimental Groove plays a wide selection of genres, precision in the equipment and sound is important.

The music of The Sentimental Groove creates ambiances or themes for every event. Due to the need to achieve success to their events, Illumination Technical Support and Systems expanded from providing the lights and sound to providing LED Wall, Trusses, Ceiling and Wall Drapes, Lighting Effects and more.

The Sentimental Groove started “Illumination Technical Support and Systems” to help achieve the envisioned success that the team has set forth. Since then, whenever both teams were acquired by the client, the success rate of achieving the best result for an event were always high.

Regular Gigs

The Sentimental Groove has reached tremendous distance, locally and globally, in bringing their talents to its awaiting audiences. In this part of this website, we will keep you updated of the local and international gigs where talents and affiliates of The Sentimental Groove can be visited and watched. Ciao!

Local Bookings

Malen Tan
Ren, Kaye, Nowie and Jb
JB Pajulio

Malen… A captivating voice that renders your heart into a sweet escape in which no known paradise could ever compare to you… being lost forever in such an enchantment.

A premiere vocalist seen at the country’s TOP Hotels and Venues such as Grand Hyatt (BGC), Manila Hotel, EDSA Shangri La, Makati Shangri La, Shangri La The Fort, Manila Marriott Hotel and many more…

JB Pajulio…¬†Currently performing regularly in Manila Diamond Hotel, this young artist sings the classics all the way through today’s favorite tunes. With an RnB tone, he redefines the music into something he can call his own. With his exceptional voice and piano skills, limits for this young lad is way beyond imagination. Someone to watch for in the coming years as he progress into the artist that he is bound to be. Also performing in Chillers, QC, you can catch him and enjoy his wide range of repertoire.

International Bookings

Aubrey and Jawo
Jao and Aubrey

Real life partners, Jao and Aubrey performs Jazz, Blues and Bossa Nova for their musical set every night. Jao has been Sentimental Groove for more than five years now as Aubrey is a recent member (at least three years). This second trip abroad, this dynamic duo is contracted to perform for Westin Hotel in Qingdao, China. Jao is an acoustic guitar player using digital equipment to create a sophisticated sound which enhanced by the digital equipment of this very resourceful singer, Aubrey. Her digital percussion and voice support (back up and effects) completes their round up for the night.



The Sentimental Groove (TSG) is running close towards its second decade as a music and entertainment provider. Pioneering the industry of wedding events here in the Philippines, The Sentimental Groove has evolved from a small team of musicians way into a gathering of talented and passionate individuals. From the novice to experts, hobbyists and professionals, passionate ones or gifted ones… our growth was not just in numbers; laud our experience which were astounding and stories were unique.

The Sentimental Groove Boracay Trip
The Sentimental Groove Boracay Trip

“Once a Sentimental Groove…

…always a Sentimental Groove”.

Along the way, some made it through till this very day while some made different their paths. But, all can always remember ‘how it is and how it will always be’ to be part of the team. Each of us will have stories that are TSG Stamped.

In this Travelogue, we invite you to check out the places we’ve been, graced and experienced. Though most of it are about weddings and other social gatherings, we compiled the gimmicks, music and program for the event in each blogs; some has videos to go with. This compilation of our blogs are written documents about the big chunk of our lives and how we danced along the repertoire that we choose to play in every beat of a heart.

Percussion Band
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Also, herein, we open to you our daily activities which you may find really interesting. Our gigs and the things we do in it.

Hopefully, you will enjoy each and every blogs as we truly enjoyed making them and writing you about it.