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The Sentimental Groove is a gathering of storytellers who use different art forms as a medium to communicate their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Each member carries the same crest of passion in discovery, innovation, invention, and creation; which are expressed to the variety of media forms that each has chosen separately. With this memento, the journey as a Sentimental Groove leads to entwine life’s various genre and repertoire with the intimate understanding of the arts and its essence.

Ian Banawa
“Hands that creates are hearts that inspires”
– Ian Banawa

“To face awaiting audiences with the belief that the world is a stage and each performance or presentation is the reflection of one’s mind.”

In lieu, this website features our NEWSLetter which is also our journal of each adventure whilst moving forward to every undertakings and goal we’ve set our minds on.

We thank you for visiting this website and hopefully, this website helps you know more about The Sentimental Groove, understand their culture and determine their relevance to your endeavors, requirements, and necessaries.

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The Sentimental Groove at Central Square BGC Mall


Central Square BGC Mall has a valentine treat to mallers dropping by the bazaar located at the main entrance of Central Square BGC Mall. Aside from an astounding selection of items and products, people passing by would be truly delighted with the musicians serenading the area with timeless love songs, standards, and classics.

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Jiggy Manicad For Senator
Jiggy Manicad For Senator
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The Sentimental Groove Rates
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DZMM Nationwide Search for Singing Superstar
Carmelo Pacle Journey Continues as he reach the finals of DZMM’s Nationwide Search for Singing Superstar. (click picture)
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More News

The new blood, the next to have a musical life… Check out Sachi’s video (click picture)!
Bridal Song - A Million Dreams
Nowi Alpuerto and her beautiful voice will leave every restless soul at ease. Caught in enchantment, left in amazement. Listen to her cover of the Bridal Song – A Million Dreams (click here).
Jb Pajulio Wedding Singer

Jb Pajulio is a singer, pianist and percussionist. This multi-talented individual can make your heart melt as you listen to his original rendition of songs. (click here).
Carmelo Pacle Wedding Singer

Carmelo Pacle at the beautiful wedding events venue Balai Isabel. Listen to his rendition of Daivd Gates “If” (click here).



Spirit of God

Spirit of God in the clear running water
Blowing to greatness the trees on the hill.
Spirit of God in the finger of morning:
Fill the earth, bring it to birth,
And blow where you will.
Blow, blow, blow till I be
But the breath of the Spirit blowing in me.

Lights & Sound


Illumination Technical Support and Systems is a company spearheaded by The Sentimental Groove. This company is initially created to provide the Sound System requirements of The Sentimental Groove. Since The Sentimental Groove plays a wide selection of genres, precision in the equipment and sound is important.

The music of The Sentimental Groove creates ambiances or themes for every event. Due to the need to achieve success to their events, Illumination Technical Support and Systems expanded from providing the lights and sound to providing LED Wall, Trusses, Ceiling and Wall Drapes, Lighting Effects and more.

The Sentimental Groove started “Illumination Technical Support and Systems” to help achieve the envisioned success that the team has set forth. Since then, whenever both teams were acquired by the client, the success rate of achieving the best result for an event were always high.


Carmelo Pacle and The Sentimental Groove Weddings at North Luzon
Something is brewing! North Luzon here we come! Travelling to Vigan, Ilocos, Baguio, Pampanga and Bulacan.





  1. the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends.
    • a relationship between friends. plural noun: friendships
      • “she formed close friendships with women”
  2. a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations.
  3. The Sentimental Groove Meaning
    • “friends travelling in one ship”
      • In the name of “AWESOMENESS” Let’s Go!!!
Travelling to Batangas is one thing we really love to do!!! Those beautiful beaches, great food, magnificent scenery and wonderful people.