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First and foremost, we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude to you for the effort and time you took to look into our proposal for the music of your special event. We, The Sentimental Groove, is a team of artists and musicians gathered together  by the same fiery passion and love for the arts and music. And, we hope, through this proposal, we could share to you and to your upcoming event the soul of our simple union, “Life in Music and Music in Life”.

“The World Is A Stage”

The event industry truly has evolved in all forms and presentations. Celebrations today are as abstract as any imaginations can conceive. Paving the event industry for almost two (2) decades, our simple music-making company is considered by many as the first band designed for weddings or “the first wedding band”. Over the years, our innate yearning for learning and unyielding passion to discovery and rediscover our craft has enabled us to create unique music, original compositions, musical ensembles, event orchestrations, concerts, productions, and other media forms that are cost efficient and customized to our clients requirements.

The following below are Bands and Music Ensembles designed for Weddings together with the rates, scope of services and other details. Our lengthy experience in this industry gave us insights about the set up of musicians for weddings, debuts and social events. These are what we perceived as most useful and cost-efficient for our clients.


The Sentimental Groove’s long career enabled them to have affiliates and colleagues who empowers the company when needed. If you want to add musicians or artists, please click here – [Upgrades]

We believe that every event has its own unique character. In lieu, we hold regular demos, listening sessions and get-to-know meetings which will allow us to know more about your event and at the same time play you some tunes that may be what you envisioned to have for your special event. In this sessions, we normally run through all the parts of an event giving variety of ideas and playing songs that we suggest best for the theme. This sessions are announced through our website –

Again, we are truly honored that you took time to get to know our little company of artists and musicians. We hope that you have been experiencing great fun while preparing for your event. And, we also hope that our team will be best suited for your requirements for it will be a privilege for us to be a part of your special day.

The Sentimental Groove

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