Light & Sound Systems


Illumination Technical Support and Systems is a company spearheaded by The Sentimental Groove. This company is initially created to provide the Sound System requirements of The Sentimental Groove. Since The Sentimental Groove plays a wide selection of genres, precision in the equipment and sound is important.

The music of The Sentimental Groove creates ambiances or themes for every event. Due to the need to achieve success to their events, Illumination Technical Support and Systems expanded from providing the lights and sound to providing LED Wall, Trusses, Ceiling and Wall Drapes, Lighting Effects and more.

The Sentimental Groove started “Illumination Technical Support and Systems” to help achieve the envisioned success that the team has set forth. Since then, whenever both teams were acquired by the client, the success rate of achieving the best result for an event were always high.