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TSG Band
Starting as a Wedding Musicians Manila Based, The Sentimental Groove went nationwide with events in North Luzon, weekly visits in Tagaytay, developed a team in Baguio, went farthest to Tuguegarao, Boracay, Cebu, and Bacolod.

The Sentimental Groove was known as a Wedding Musician Manila base supplier but twenty years transformed their services, products, and business. This website is your link to our team and your queries are very welcomed and we truly hope to hear from you.

The Sentimental Groove influence in the industry created benchmarks for the standards for which some others adhered on or duplicated with. If you have further ideas and opinions, you may also state them below.

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The Sentimental Groove Best Wedding Band
The Sentimental Groove is more than just the best wedding band or any other ordinary band. Rather, It is a gathering of storytellers who use different art forms as a medium to communicate their thoughts, opinions, and ideas. Each member carries the same crest of passion in discovery, innovation, invention, and creation; which are expressed to the variety of media forms that each has chosen separately. With this memento, the journey as a Sentimental Groove leads to entwine life’s various genre and repertoire with the intimate understanding of the arts and its essence.

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