Central Square BGC Live Musicians

  The Sentimental Groove at Central Square BGC Mall Central Square BGC Mall has a valentine treat to mallers dropping by the bazaar located at the main entrance of Central Square BGC Mall. Aside from an astounding selection of items and products, people passing by would be truly delighted with the musicians serenading the area…

Wedding Music for Balai Taal Tagaytay

190316-01 Wedding Music Balai Taal Tagaytay is always fun to do because you expect sophisticated repertoire. More on the jazzy, bossa nova and etc… We go heavy and do Motown or Soul.

Le Jardin Rosella, Tagaytay

190119-02 Jb Pajulio and Kate Banawa will be performing from Our Lady of Lourdes to Le Jardin Rosella in Tagaytay City

Sitio Elena

190119-01 The Sentimental Groove’s Acoustic Band will surely rock Sitio Elena and your BANDAOKE after the party! Rock On!!!