Celebrating at Strumms Makati

The Sentimental Groove  LIVE  Strumms Makati https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaT4HZ2NfvI The Sentimental Groove is a Wedding Band and a Party Band yet has been doing events for most of its two-decade of existence. So, for all these years of being in the scene of events and music, it would be their first time to perform at a bar…

When Jazz Meets Elegance and Romance

When Jazz Meets Elegance and Romance Entwined… Entangled…  Entwined and destined, our lives are like vines wrestling and swirling, finding light at every turn. Yet, in each of our own subtle way, each billowed into the open as soon as the sun touches the tips of each of our scandent stems. Entangled unknowingly, each is…

Life in Music and Music in Life

The Sentimental Groove Music Ensemble has been playing for social and corporate events for almost two (2) decades now. We have discovered life here in the Philippines in the outstretched arms of events through our very medium, music.

ELAmazing 40th Birthday Celebration

Ela with her two families, Loi Villarama Wedding Coordination and, her very own, Sound Level Rentals (Lights and Sound Supplier), and our music company, The Sentimental Groove, witnessed the evolution of events and grew to be relevant accordingly.

Amiya Raya, a piece of heaven in the rim of the Metropolitan.

Amiya Raya A piece of heaven in the rim of the Metropolitan…. When you enter the premises of Amiya Raya in San Mateo Rizal, a panoramic view of the city will astound you first. From every peripherals of sight to every turn you make, will give nothing but a humbling peaceful “sense of being”; as…

Ogie Diaz’s Daughter Erin’s Debut

The Sentimental Groove Musicians now performs for a celebrity daughter, Ogie Diaz’s Erin. The team was quite star -strucked with the presence of Vice Ganda of ABS CBN’s “Show time”, Paolo Contis from GMA Network’s “Bubble Gang” and, last but definitely not the least, ms. Liza Soberano.

Malabrigo Beach Lobo Batangas and US!!!

The trip to Malabrigo Beach, Lobo, Batangas was quite impromptu. It was an attempt to kill off the lazy summer and the power naps that makes you feel a lot lazier and would sometimes be day-long naps hence labeling you truly lazy, hahaha.

Villa Elize

guests to stay further than the allotted time.
The Sentimental Groove arrived 5PM  at Villa Elize and was set and ready before 6PM. As soon as we got there, we realized that we were given an early call time and there were no guests at the area or even arriving.