The Sentimental Groove International (TSGI) found its roots in music. Hence, the evolution of the company, through the need to “create”, eventually led to producing a variety of media forms that enabled them to communicate themselves to their awaiting audiences. The stage became the world and music became a medley of arts and creative forms that exemplify their thoughts and ideas.

In lieu, the video below is a TV Guesting which showcased the original works of the founder of The Sentimental Groove, Ian Banawa. Together with his wife, they were interviewed about how they started the country’s first band designed for weddings and the new service they offer.

GMA TV Interview.jpg
In this photo, The Sentimental Groove International is being interviewed for a GMA Network TV Show.

The main topic of the interview conducted by GMA NEWS TV 11 “Weddings TV hosted by Heart Evangelista” discussed a new and exciting gimmick that The Sentimental Groove International attached to their long list of services and products. Dubbed as “Customized Original Music”, this new service is about composing original music that tells the story or customizing a music according to the requirements of the client.

Along with this project, The Sentimental Groove International compiled some of their original works in the links below. In this links, you can visit a compilation of their works using various media forms.

  1. Poetry and Other Creative Writing
  2. Original Music, Musical Scoring and Orchestration
  3. Music Album Production and Promotion
  4. Concerts, Shows and Other Musical Production
  5. Music Video Production
  6. Film, Indie-Movie and Short Film Production
  7. Film, Indie-Movie and Short Film Music Scoring

The Sentimental Groove International paved the events industry through their innovations and creations as mentioned above. And, through the course of their career, they were able to make partnerships with individuals and companies that allowed them to venture into other media arts. With this, the Original Works of The Sentimental Groove International is empowered to its full potentials. Thus, The Sentimental Groove International will continue to promote and create Original Works because it fuels their passion to explore, learn and understand more about themselves, their art, and the creation that surrounds them.

TSG - Weddings TV Ian and Kate

The hope that an audience will always be there for every undying art that they mustered from its nothingness remains to endure in their desire.

If God Creates and Man Invents, let Music be the “In-Betweens” – Ian Banawa