Malabrigo Beach with Wifey and Kids!!!

Song: Forever’s With You

Music and Lyrics: Christian Banawa

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Malabrigo Beach, Batangas

Malabrigo Beach Lobo Batangas City
The picture was taken from our 750 pesos cottage! Malabrigo Beach is truly budget friendly. What else? Malabrigo Beach is near a series of markets and restaurants with cheap prices. An afternoon get-away with a plan to be back to Manila early evening, Malabrigo Beach is your true destination.

The trip to Malabrigo Beach, Lobo, Batangas was quite impromptu. It was an attempt to kill off the lazy summer and the power naps that makes you feel a lot lazier and would sometimes be day-long naps hence labeling you truly lazy, hahaha. Starting up with a lot of whimpering and complaining, wondering and daydreaming; our minds interjects a trip to the beach yet Malabrigo Beach was not anywhere near our minds because we did not even know that Malabrigo Beach existed in the first place.

Hearing from a friend who recently visited and liked the beaches of Lobo, Batangas and knowing that my family’s heritage and roots are from Lobo, Batangas, I am truly excited to visit the place. My grandfather is said to ride a white horse traveling to school where a helper would help him unmounted the horse then take the horse to a stable and take care of it until my great grandpa rides it back home again. Then, the daydreaming extends eating up the whole day.

So, when the urges are not containable and the “must” is overwhelming, we took a google search about Lobo, Batangas finding that the most visited place in Lobo, Batangas is Malabrigo Beach and the century-old Lighthouse which was built during the Spanish colonization.

We snapped!!! Resistance is futile. The heat and the call of the seas finally won. Unfortunately, it was 10pm. But, without a plan and even planning, we bought some eggs, a kilo of hotdogs, bread, juice, and chips. We cooked rice and place the eggs on the hot rice to be cooked there and there. Fried the hotdogs and as soon as it was done, we left for our destination – Malabrigo Beach.

Malabrigo Beach Lobo Batangas Trip
Malabrigo Beach is a trip full of zigzags and sharp turns. Despite that, every turn is like an unveiling of a masterpiece in a gallery of God's one-man show. Malabrigo Beach is worth every kilometer of travel.
Mommy and Daddy at Malabrigo Beach with Bunny Ears
Malabrigo Beach, here we go!!!

Before reaching Malabrigo Beach, every turn from those crazy zigzags reveals a spectacular sight. A humbling experience to an artist before an artist.

Where He, the master of masters, which art is beyond comparison, bestowed on me a gift that defined my being. He, who has blessed me with music and poetry, where I, whose deemed unworthy, will eternally be grateful and may my life be the reflection my gratefulness to His divine generosity.

Daddy's Game
Pebbles and Stones

This game is a use-your-imagination game. Malabrigo Beach is scattered with pebbles and stones of all shapes and sizes! Daddy’s game is for the kids to get stones and pebbles. With their imagination, they should tell Daddy what resembles the stone that they picked. 

It was a fun game with the kids bringing in stones that resembles a car, star, the moon, a deer, a house, an alien, and etc.

First to reach ten items, wins!!!

Peebles and Stones at Malabrigo Beach
Kids at Malabrigo Beach
My kids can swim! And, at Malabrigo Beach, they were so cocky that they liked to go beyond the line where the waters are over six feet deep. Daddy is there to check on these knuckleheads.

Also in the picture above, Vincent was keen on playing the game. He needs cash for his mobile internet load.

The Beach

Malabrigo Beach is filled with Peebles and some other stones. Fortunately, the stones were smooth without sharp edges. These stones work well as foot and body scrub. And tell you, they were perfect.

More on the beach, the water was clear and clean. The waves were not too strong. There were only a few people at the beach and it felt like it was all for us.

Our Malabrigo Beach experience in its totality was fun and successful. To tell you more about this, we have compiled some videos into one presentation that could help you get to know more about Malabrigo Beach and Lobo Batangas.

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