Central Square BGC Live Musicians


The Sentimental Groove at Central Square BGC Mall

Central Square BGC Mall has a valentine treat to mallers dropping by the bazaar located at the main entrance of Central Square BGC Mall. Aside from an astounding selection of items and products, people passing by would be truly delighted with the musicians serenading the area with timeless love songs, standards, and classics.

Central Square BGC Mall, together with 8:28 Events, has commissioned The Sentimental Groove Strings and Band to perform for the almost every day before valentines and a few more days afterward.

Central Square BGC Mall 2019 Valentines
Valentines 2019 at BGC Central Square BGC Mall is being serenaded by The Sentimental Groove String Duo.

Central Square BGC Mall paid tribute to lovers and wanderers at the mall for a romantic afternoon at the bazaar area which is situated at the entrance of the Central Square BGC Mall.

Who is best for songs of love for Valentines to play at Central Square BGC Mall? Who else, of course! A Wedding Band!

The Sentimental Groove has been a wedding band for almost two decades now. Their repertoire ranges from the classic love songs to the millennial heartwarming tunes. The Sentimental Groove serenades the crowd, requested songs from bystanders stormed in. Bystanders were mostly forties and above trying to have a relaxing afternoon as they wait for family to pick them up for dinner at the Central Square BGC Mall. Central Square BGC Mall has great choices for the family to choose from. And, while dining, you can hear The Sentimental Groove in a distant still playing your songs of love.