Repeat Clients at The Manila Penn

Micheal V. at Ayala Heights Clubhouse
October 05, 2014 – The picture (left) was taken at Mr. Berba’s birthday celebration. Micheal V. at Ayala Heights Clubhouse jamming with The Sentimental Groove.

The Peninsula Manila, also known as The Manila Penn, hosted the wedding anniversary of our client’s parents, Digi. It started a little past seven and we played while guests are entering the venue and during dinner; after which, the client had a little program then we proceeded to party and jam with the guests. That was the summary of the night….

Well, that is the laziest way of telling the stuff that took place that night, hahaha. It was an awesome night that went past midnight. It was late that we realized that the client, Digi, is a repeat client (he told me he is, just wasn’t able to figure out when) and guess how we inferred it at last? – The same guests were in the house including Comedienne Micheal V. And, they were the same people who jammed and danced the night away (away till 1am).

Micheal V jammed the song "I left my heart in San Francisco" and The Sentimental Groove played for him,.
Michael V jammed the song “I left my heart in San Francisco” and The Sentimental Groove played for him. This event took place at The Peninsula Manila. Upper left picture was taken October 2014 when he (Michael V) jammed with the band for another of the Berba’s event.

Funny thing, we only recognized that the event was a repeat when we saw Micheal V. hahaha. Then, we recalled our encounter with him at Ayala Heights Quezon City when he jammed with the group. That is when we connected the faces, of our client and their guests, to a previous event that we performed at. Another funny thing, when we pulled out the pictures, we found the same people who were lined up to jam were the same people who sang before. When I left the stage, I was able to pass by Micheal V’s table and greeted him.

“I did not expect that I would be hearing him sing jazz.” It sounded good in him, I pondered as I told him. “You were enjoying that genre and he wanted to stick with it to be part of the fun,” he told me.

Personally, I always admired that guy since he was starting as a rapper; during the time that Andrew E. was all over the radio. Now, my kids are not allowed to watch local tv except for “Bubble Gang” were Micheal V is the main comedian, hahaha. I want my kids not to be left out with the humor of pinoys. Bubble Gang has good writers like those of the segment “Ang Dating Doon”. I think Brad Pete was one of the writers as well as Micheal V is. It is humbling to see a big personality who is down to earth despite all the accolades connected to his name.

The evening started with a little jazz… Here are the songs we played:

  • Our Love Is Here To Stay
  • East of the Sun
  • That’s All
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love
  • Glory of Love
  • Girl From Ipanema
  • Sunshine of My Life
  • You Are Se Beautiful To Me

As the evening moved along, we were trying to sway some other tunes in but it seemed that the guests were fully comfortable with the genre at hand. The evening pushed forward way until the Berba Family asked us to have some rest and dinner as they would begin with their program. The program was brief and they had some games in-betweens. Cued by a final toast, the party began and dancers stepped in to lead the crowd.

After the party, the guests jammed with us till we reached past twelve at midnight. Actually, way past midnight.

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