Jiggy Manicad, from client to friend…

Jiggy and Marnie Manicad

It started with an early morning call, “Hello” I said with a deep husk in my morning-just-awoke voice. “Hi, this is — blah blah blah…” the caller talked and inquired of our services for her wedding and went on and on and on. Our conversation lasted thirty minutes or more. It was fun talking to that girl, Marnie, as she introduced herself to me. She wanted to attend our listening session and something about our conversation, which was so light and fun, disarmed me and made me give her big discounts; hmmm… is this a Jedi mind trick that caught me off guard? Nevertheless, I had fun talking to her and the feeling of talking to an honest person was generally there. And due, I gave her discounts (still Jedi, anyone?).

Direk Marnie Manicad
Jiggy’s wife Direk Marnie Pulumbarit-Manicad and Kate Banawa of The Sentimental Groove.

Comes the listening session. As always, when celebrities attend our live presentation, I treat them like all our other clients to make them feel normal in our world. Arrives Marnie and her groom; and, upon meeting, I realized that its Jiggy Manicad, GMA Network News Reporter. Taking my cool, I welcomed them as Marnie introduces Jiggy Manicad, the groom. I let them in our place and had little chat; same as our conversation at the phone which was light and bubbly. Then, we played sample music for weddings as the groom and bride listens. After the performance, our run was quite successful because the couple told us that they wanted to book us for their wedding, I was so proud talking to this tough reporter guy because of his explosive news and tough assignments; like those in Mindanao. As the meeting ended, they asked for a receipt as they are booking the date already. So, when they said they were booking us after the demo, they meant they were booking us already; as in now. As you may not know, some celebrities will tell you in your face to perform for them for free for any occasion because they are celebrities. Unlike some other celebrities we played for, the this couple issued us a check and paid down payment right away without asking for any X-Deals using their popularity status as a bargaining chip. The discount I gave them was without knowing that they are “GMA Network Director” Marnie Pulumbarit and “GMA News Reporter” Jiggy Manicad. Guess the bride just Jedi-mind tricked me, hehehe.


Real People…

Jiggy Manicad For Senator
(l to r) Kuya Ian, Jiggy Manicad, Clauie and Jaymar. JIggy Manicad Surprise Party!!! Jiggy Manicad For Senator

From their wedding event, the couple would invite us to attend family gatherings and celebrations. And, guess what, we are paid. They did not take advantage of their celebrity status to ask for free services. Of course, since we were good friends already and they are repeat clients they get best rates from me. But, believe me, I have been a musician all my life and people would be friends with you because of the freebies; or, some of your friends or people you know would expect free services. Jiggy and Marnie are different. They are genuine people. They acknowledge our effort and made sure we are good.

Jiggy Manicad For Senator

Jiggy Manicad for Senator
(l to r) Kate Banawa and Jiggy Manicad.
Jiggy Manicad for Senator is the best NEWS we ever heard!!! Go Jiggy!!!

Was shocked seeing in TV “Jiggy Manicad for Senator.” Initially, I told myself “that path is going to be tough.” I know them personally and I was wondering if they calculated the risk of this move or whatever this is because that couple really made well thought of projects and produced well planned stuffs and shows. I called Marnie and congratulated them and hope for their success yet in my mind I was willing to ask if they know what they are really doing because running for office in a nationwide race is truly expensive. Just mentioned lightly, “Hey, what you are doing is expensive”. “Pautang nga, hahaha” she told me.

After some time as the election gets hotter and hotter, I realized that if I need a man in the senate he has to be honest and a god-fearing man, a family man and easy-to-be-with person. Then, all my sentiments or ideas for the government and the country could be conveyed easier. Then I realized that there is a man already in that slate, and he is my friend. Willing to take on the responsibilities of a senator, Jiggy Manicad was what we needed because his heart is genuine and empathy is for real. Jiggy Manicad for Senator is the best choice we never had and might not have again if we will not make a move to help him in his campaign. Now, he took the leap and banked on his popularity to help him but, come to think of it, he is what we need and if we let this pass then gone is our chance for change. The new generation of leader needs to be genuine people moved by compassion and those that leads with a god-gearing heart. So, though it would be tough, I would have asked him before to run for office if I knew that he has intentions to. Now that he did it, he has all my support.

I endorse this man, Jiggy Manicad for Senator because I love my kids and I love my country.

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