Throwback: Westin Philippine Plaza Awarding Ceremony

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The Sentimental Groove Musicians, Philippines. Started for wedding events, The Sentimental Groove expanded its clientele to corporate events and shows. They now also produce marketing and promotional materials such as jingles for TV commercials and others.

Memories from way, way back!?!

As my dad and me were retrieving pictures from our exchange of emails, this fifteen year old photo popped out. How far can I remember from the events that took place in this evening? Let me try.

We received a phone call about this awarding ceremony and our band was nominated. Can’t remember how it all happen but I can clearly recall how thrilled our little bunch of musicians were knowing that the event and awarding ceremony will be held at Westin Philippine Plaza Hotel in Manila. Considered as one of the most prestigious hotels during that time, we did enjoy going up the stage and accepting this award. As far as I can recall, we were awarded twice in a row. The following year, my colleague accepted the award in my behalf.

The Sentimental Groove is a strong institution and a pioneer of the events industry here in the Philippines. For almost two decades, our company not just started the whole scene yet we innovated it to better serve the market. This Innovation became the standard or the-go-to when you are planning a small an intimate event or when you are gearing up for a spectacular show.

Now, as I relax a bit from the arduous fifteen years of my life, I remember friends… Some lost and some found… As I see my life went by I found myself amazed of how time has changed me and my ideals. My perception of things and how I matured from the pain and the happiness that greeted my existence.

As I see the evolution of the industry I helped nurture, IĀ  wonder how different it could have been, yet, when the day ends, accepts how it came to be. We never regret because regret is for losers. We move forward and find new thingsĀ  and new friendships waiting to bloom. I guess we are wiser now.

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