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The Sentimental Groove…

Kuya Ian Banawa
Life is a sentimental groove!!! A twist of what there is. An improvisation of the what there was. And, an understanding of what there will be.

… is a local band that performs for events; mostly for weddings, debuts and other celebration similar to such. For over fifteen years, the group evolved and dug into the depths of their craft to better themselves and improve more at their chosen media. The evolution made its way into a variety of avenues that are truly exciting and worth telling. From the the travel way up to every detail of the trip, and, from the solemnity to the revered, our horizons are truly worth telling. It also may be a good source of learning, not just for us, but to our audience.

In lieu, we have gathered projects, works and a lot more in this Portfolio Section of our website. Tracing back our history may be impossible but this Portfolio Section can help you get a glimpse of our lengthy career that spans almost two decades.

In time, we hope to complete all our most treasured accomplishments in our website. And, this Portfolio Section will gather the stories told and the experiences made. We will always continue to make memories and history (why not?!). With our passion to guide us and you to see us through it all.

“With the hope that our audience will appreciate our zest for life and our stubborn selves to reach the goal of every single soul – Happiness.”


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The Sentimental Groove Wedding Music
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