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Unsung Lullaby

I wrote this song for a certain moment when you are about to lose someone.
It is described to an unfinished art.

No fame, no recognition, no nothing.

An art without an audience loses its purpose. An art without inspirations has no meaning.

It is the tragedy with the pain that marks your soul.

May it be through death, distance, faltering memories, love or time… losing someone creates who we are after the lost and who we will be after we learn to live with it.

This lost makes a hole in our hearts that creates us…

Here is a little poem I wrote to go with the song.


Tangled and would not break free, I remained.
Like a song, unsung and with no stage then none is gained .
Neither for a gasp of air or a peeking light,
My strength was subdued to submit to my heart’s delight.

When the need I sought that swelled from such loneliness
Is now upon me revealed by your sweet caress
Empty me and your refill will complete me through
For I will never let go of the love I found in you

This song was featured in an Indie Movie “Ben and Sam” which was directed by Shandii Bacolod.

“Unsung Lullaby”

You said “Hello!”
And then “It’s time to go!”
But how could I go on
Now that I finally love you

Simple is goodbye
Faithful’s the one left to cry
Hoping for too long
Denying these words “Indeed I did love you to”

Me without you… Pleads
Me without you… A humbling asking of please
All my prayers recites
Me without you can never be alright

Me without you… Needs Me without you…
Completely begging to breathe
Like a poem greets a sigh
Me without you… Unknown, undone piece to write

Say this won’t last
Say this feelings would pass
Please say my love will end
Cause deep in my heart your name today and again

Me without you… Waits
Me without you… Remeb’ring be an escape
Time will drift slowly by
Me without you will hurt, will bleed way inside

Me without you… Stains
Me without you… A painting crying off pains
No right colors to brush
Me without you… Untouched and stroked made to hush

I was amazing
Until you came and showed my heart
How much it never knew

Me without you… Weeps
Me without you… Amidst those soft fingertips
Running gentle designs
Me without you… Can never be defined

Me without you… Strays
Me without you… Is sadness all of my days
Like a song meant to die
Me without you unheard, unsung lullaby
Me without you unheard, unsung lullaby

Music and Lyrics by Ian Banawa
Vocals by May Banawa


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