Wedding Musicians Tagaytay

Wedding Musicians Tagaytay

Waking around 8 am is quite late for those who works 9 to 5 jobs in front of a desk. Yet, it is dheeemmmnnn early for musicians like us. Literally nocturnal, we are creatures of the night and our brains functions best pass 1pm. But, a Tagaytay Wedding Event demands the early rise; as we consider it early. So let me begin again, waking up 8 am (please Lord make it stop, ammm tooo dizzy and groggy) is start of the day for a Tagaytay Wedding Event. Getting ready to pick up everybody at the designated pick up points (this is the time line for a 3 pm Tagaytay Wedding Event):

10:00 am – Caltex Boni

We literally started using this gas station as a pick up point for more that 15 years. Now, every time we pick our gang there, we see other musicians waiting for their rides and, most of the time, these musicians are colleagues and friends… hahaha.

10:30 am – Starbucks Magallanes

Same as Caltex Boni, we’ve been using Shell Gas Station as the pick up point but changed it to Starbucks so Kuya Ian can chillax while waiting for members who are unfortunately late, you know who you are bitches…

11:00 am – SM Bicutan

The final pick up point for those who are based in Manila. This time we are picking up those who are based in Paranaque, Muntinlupa.

Tagaytay Wedding Musicians

Tagaytay Wedding Event
Picture taken at Fernwood Tagaytay for a Tagaytay wedding event.

If by any blessing we arrive at Tagaytay by 1:00 pm, Batangas Bulalo is our reward.

Check Out Below The Videos of the music we prepared to pair with a Tagaytay Event.

Why these songs!?! Well, it pairs well with the cool ambiance of a Tagaytay Wedding Event. It serves as toppings to an ice cream cake. We ain’t planning to go berserk singing rock music or belting our heart out in a place like Tagaytay. We try to emulate the weather by playing jazzy chill music that is sophisticated and elegant. Got it? Anyway, try booking us for an event in Tagaytay to know further!!!

Enjoy Listening

In the video above is Maroon 5’s “Sugar”. We created a simple twist with its execution. Just a little jazz to lighten up the mood.

In the video below is “L.O.V.E.” mashed up with “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love”.



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