Latin Band Manila

Latin Band for Weddings

rachel omps and mel trio
Latin Music is more than just the beat and rhythm… It’s grace under fire… It’s simply a whole new adventure…

The Sentimental Groove’s

Latin Band Manila

The Sentimental Groove is the country‚Äôs first band designed for weddings and events. Being a wedding musician is quite difficult than what it seems. The repertoire should range from the 1920’s to the present. In our goal to sound legit to every character of the music that we play, we are running down every genre, learning every moves, knowing the culture of the people who created the music, understanding the lifestyle of the artist and a lot more. Featured in this video is our journey as a Latin Band Manila.

Latin Band Manila

Kuya Ian Banawa
Life is a sentimental groove!!! A twist of what there is. An improvisation of the what there was. And, an understanding of what there will be.

Latin Music is one of the most useful genre for an events band. It could be used to create an ambiance while the guests are arriving, it can be danced to, it can create a perfect show for an intermission number, and, guests can get drunk partying while dancing to this music.

Latin Band is quite toughy to create. The drama is steamy, sexy and very erotic. Latin Bands is about the confidence you have with your body. It is how you allow the music to enter your body and soul to quantify your urges and how to submit to your indulgences. like a glutton out for more, Latin Music will satisfy our flesh in an inexplicable experience. That’s our goal!

Our team, led by Reynaldo De Guzman, who have been performing since the age of 13 for the “Iggy De Guzman Orchestra”, ensures that the team learns the music with legitimacy in their execution and confidence in their stance.


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