Travelogue: Life, Music and Gigs

The Sentimental Groove (TSG) is running close towards its second decade as a music and entertainment provider. Pioneering the industry of wedding events here in the Philippines, The Sentimental Groove has evolved from a small team of musicians way into a gathering of talented and passionate individuals. From the novice to experts, hobbyists and professionals, passionate ones or gifted ones… our growth was not just in numbers; laud our experience which were astounding and stories were unique.

The Sentimental Groove Boracay Trip
The Sentimental Groove Boracay Trip

“Once a Sentimental Groove…

…always a Sentimental Groove”.

Along the way, some made it through till this very day while some made different their paths. But, all can always remember ‘how it is and how it will always be’ to be part of the team. Each of us will have stories that are TSG Stamped.


by Ian Banawa


We never changed. We never took an easier path.

We never choose not to believe. We never grew old.

We never stopped from being kids in a playground.

We never end the dream.


Our hearts will always be of an artist

who never ceases to search for the awaiting audience…

willful to observe our craft…

Them, who look into what we are passionate of.


We never seem to end our blissful ideals

What, may never come yet will always be here

The Sentimental Groove in Cotabato
The Sentimental Groove in Cotabato

In this Travelogue, we invite you to check out the places we’ve been, graced and experienced. Though most of it are about weddings and other social gatherings, we compiled the gimmicks, music and program for the event in each blogs; some has videos to go with. This compilation of our blogs are written documents about the big chunk of our lives and how we danced along the repertoire that we choose to play in every beat of a heart.

Also, herein, we open to you our daily activities (our calendar) which you may find really interesting. Our gigs and the things we do in it.

Hopefully, you will enjoy each and every blogs as we truly enjoyed making them and writing you about it.





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