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The Sentimental Groove

Dancer 3The Sentimental Groove is a Music-Making Company that was established by a group of friends in the year twenty thousand.

Paving the events industry for over a decade, the company evolved and has adopted to the ever-changing trends and has helped revolutionized the growing business.

In this article, The Sentimental Groove introduces a new package for those who are conceptualizing an upcoming party or event.

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The Sentimental Groove

Party Package

The Sentimental Groove Band and Dance Instructors now gives you the best party ever!!! With the help of their dancers, The Sentimental Groove has concocted the best Party Entertainment Package ever!!! The versatility of The Sentimental Groove Band paired with beautiful and talented Dance Instructors are the ONLY TWO ingredients for a night to remember.

The Sentimental Groove will perform Latin, Salsa, Samba, Bossa Nova, Rumba, Tango, Disco and Ballroom Dancing Music.

22407518_493838744335014_1618455844_nSELFIE-STAMPED RESULTS

Our dancers are from the Noon Time Shows and Game Shows from TOP TV NETWORKS in the country. This guarantees a long line of selfies from your guests.

The Dancers will also give you a treat…

Hot and Sizzling Intermission Numbers.

All the right music for your best party is collected in The Sentimental Groove’s Repertoire. We have been creating a collection of the best party and we can say that our 15 years of experience is your complete guarantee.

The Sentimental Groove will also play Jazz, Swing, Foxtrot, Dixieland, Motown and Soul.

Dancer 2The Sentimental Groove has gone beyond from being a premiere wedding band in the country. The Sentimental Groove has created innovation in the company which spells the creation of great shows that our audience will truly love.

Our Dance Instructors Partners will lead the dance floor or create intermission numbers that your eyes will feast on the entire evening.

Dance Instructors that are affiliated beautiful people of The Sentimental Groove whose passion is for the dance arts. Whenever our band is teamed up with them, a guaranteed fun and long nights awaits. These Dance Instructors are the best and the finest gathering of beautiful people who can shatter the dance floor through their moves.

The Sentimental Groove

Band and Dancers


DMCI held their Midyear Sales Awarding at The Tent Acacia Estates Taguig City. The Tent Acacia Estates accommodated 1,000 guests and The Sentimental Groove provided the music for the entire event.

In this video, The Sentimental Groove created an opening number together with our beautiful dance Instructors. Our awesome dance Instructors rocked The Tent Acacia Estates. We can clearly say that our dance Instructors are the best dance Instructors in Manila. And, we have the whole crowd from The Tent Acacia Estates as witness to our spectacular evening.

If you have a gathering, big or small, and you want to leave your guests a party to be remembered in years to come, the team in this video is your salvation and they are accessible to you. With our routines and gimmicks, The Sentimental Groove Band And Dance Instructors can ensure you of a variety show of a lifetime.

The Sentimental Groove

Leading The Dance Party!!!

The 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90s Era Music together with New Wave, E.D.M., Hip Hop, Alternative Rock and Urban Music are also part of the Music Programme.


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