Carmelo Pacle… The Journey Continues…

I refused to have him in my line up of artist when I first saw this young man ten years ago. One simple reason, he sounded like one of the singers in my current line up.

Early Booking Promo

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La Castellana

190126-02 Groom requested music from an artist whom I do not know. We searched the net and found a Filipino guy, about his fifties, playing jazz on the guitar. My eyes sparked and took my guitar from the case and showed him; myself playing my favorite genre, Jazz!

Grand Cobo Events Place

190126-01 Grand Cobo Events Place is one of the best venue in Marikina to celebrate your special events. This is our third time this year.

Northpark at the Acropolis Clubhouse

190120-01 Northpark at your events is great food,Loved that our client allowed us to dine because the food was overflowing. Hahaha. Great meal for a great year.

Stella Maris

190119-06 Stella Maris… First heard this song when I was a little kid. Never knew that I would always have Mama Mary at my back ever since. As Father Luciano Capelli would always say, “Bosconians are hand carried by the Holy Mother to the doorsteps of Don Bosco”.

Acropolis Clubhouse

190118-01 We start the year playing for a couple who first said “I DO” fifty years ago!

Le Jardin Rosella, Tagaytay

190119-02 Jb Pajulio and Kate Banawa will be performing from Our Lady of Lourdes to Le Jardin Rosella in Tagaytay City

Crowne Plaza Manila Weddings

190119-03 Nowi Alpuerto is tonight’s magic! Her voice and the wonderful repertoire tonight will be a sure hit.