The Sentimental Groove

The Sentimental Groove is a gathering of unique individuals with a passion to rediscover themselves anew and reinvent their arts through theory, research, research, and application. Here, our chosen medium awaits to be reborn through individual works or collaborations. Furthermore, we have chosen a path worth trekking and we encourage you to tag along as a friend, team mate, partner, colleague or as an audience.

Music and Entertainment

String Quartet for Weddings
Here are string quartet set ups that we deemed best for a wedding celebration and more...
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String Ensemble
The years in the industry has empowered The Sentimental Groove with amazing friends. They allowed us to create ensembles with instruments like the violin, viola, cello, bajo de arco, etc...
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Choirs and Vocal Groups
The Sentimental Groove found its roots being a church choir. The original set up of the team is composed a vocal group. Now, they incorporate their sound with a band but if the need is to sound like a traditional SATB Choir or Vocal Group, the team is always ready to perform.
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Wedding Bands
Our Wedding Bands are designed to fit celebrations with particulars in music for the ceremony or church, the cocktails or receiving of guests, dinner ambiance, and party tunes of different genres.
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Acoustic Bands
For an intimate or relaxing feel, we put up this acoustic bands enough to create the ambiance you need. Check out our unique set ups for you to enjoy!
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Pop Band
Here are Here band set ups that you can customized or choose from; depending on your budget and other requirements or necessaries.
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Latin Bands and Drum Beaters
One of our favorite rhythms that creates a fiery passion. Shattering the earth with its relentless tempo, Latin is a beat no soul can resist to dance with.
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Jazz Band
We love Jazz. Here are the ensembles we made available for our clients who wants Jazz Music for their events.
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Ballroom Dancing & D.I. (Dance Instructors)
Check out our packages which includes Musicians for Ballroom Dancing and Dance Instructors to spice up the night!!!
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Dance Artists
Pair up your band with our in-house dance artist to ensure a wonderful performance or an earth-shaking party.
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Disc Jockeys (DJs) & Spinners
Let's bring the house down. Check Out our affiliated DJs and Spinners.
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Variety Show
Here are complete packages best suited for a road show or concert. This includes musicians, dancers and others.
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The Sentimental Groove started two decades ago as a the country’s first band designed for weddings. Being the pioneer in the industry that specializes in weddings, the company was able to garner funding to create and support more musicians and team of musicians hence amplified the company’s influence and capabilities. Evolving into a music and entertainment provider company as the years went by, The Sentimental Groove’s now provides a variety of entertainment, stints and stunts, and other music-related solutions to their clients.

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